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My name is Rick Rochon. “Hearing Loss” and “hearing aids” are personal to me.  I know what it's like to “have to” wear them, but also how great it is to hear well again.

About ten years ago, I had several middle ear surgeries to remove cholesteatomas.  A hearing loss was the main side effect from the whole ordeal. I appreciated what the doctors and audiologists had done for me, and asked  how I could help people with hearing loss.

After two years of study and internship, I got my specialist license and independently began helping people improve their lives by hearing better.

We fit seven different brands so that we can find the best solution for your unique hearing needs.  Our low prices easily compete with those found in the valley, and we provide “in home” visits when necessary.

Ask yourself, do people mumble too often? (Yes, I know they do.) Are they pleasant when you ask them to repeat themselves?  Or, do they get frustrated?  They did with me.
When I put my hearing aids on it seems like everything changes from black and white to color, like entering Oz.
Imagine appreciating the clarity and color of sound again for yourself.
Call now and ask Linda or me about test driving a pair soon. 541-361-6600

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, by appoint ent  Please.