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These are some of the items our Hawaii trip inspired us to make!

kulana nalu koa wedding photo album

Kulana Nalu koa wood coasters made by olor enterprises

Wedding Albums Memory Albums Frames Coasters

After my wife and I visited, and fell in love with, the Hawaiian Islands we designed souvenirs, keepsakes, and gift and wedding photo albums engraved with Hawaiian themes.  They're all made with Koa, a beautiful wood that grows only in Hawaii.

We chose to name them "Kúlana Nalu" - an expression in native Hawaiian for the moment of opportunity that every surfer experiences when they must decide to start paddling and catch a wave - also known as  "The perfect moment of decision". 

Shakespeare expressed the same idea in his Julius Caesar where he said-

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men (and women),

            Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;” 

Each of the Kúlana Nalu items we make remind us of the great time we had, the wonderful people, and the awesome beauty of the Islands.  We hope they give you a little Hawaiian warmth too, whether you are buying a simple keepsake, a gift for a loved one,  or a wedding or anniversary album to keep special memories in.

Look for these item interspersed throughout our web site.  We believe they account for so much of our sales because most everyone loves Hawaii!



Proof we were in Hawaii.

Princeville Hotel Kauai Hawaii vacation

Puff the magic dragon no longer lives in Hanalei, but here's a picture of us with gallery owner, artist, and surfer girl, Sharon.  > tunnels kauai

olas gifts gallery koa wood photo albums

Dinner at the Princeville Hotel

Hanalei, Kauai


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